…it is the raw material that inspires us every day and we continually strive to enhance it in our floors. Our direct experience with wood has allowed us to understand, in addition to it being the source of our work, its value as a natural resource and an asset - it is important to protect it.  The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international body (NGO) which ensures that the raw material used to manufacture wood products comes from forests which are managed and protected according to strict environmental, social and economic rules. We are an FSC® certified company, and this serves as a demonstration of our values which are entirely in tune with the FSC® philosophy and commitment to sustainability.


Talking green is easy; being green is hard. Choosing a Van Speijck floor means not only deciding on quality, being able to enjoy a beautifully crafted floor made with passion and attention to detail, but also safe in the knowledge that it has been created with full respect to the environment around us. We are always seeking ways to lessen our own impact on the environment by consciously and responsibly dealing with energy usage and recycling waste where possible. We also pride ourselves on working only with timber mills with genuinely strong eco credentials and who only manufacture floorboards using ecological and sustainable production methods. The majority of our timber collections are FSC® certified with is associated chain of custody standard, We believe that our partners’ ongoing investment and commitment to innovate will benefit us all and we are proud to be actively supporting their businesses. Learn more about FSC® here