Brown Stout



Brown Stout

Our originals collection encapsulates the rustic and aged charm of a truly authentic antique wooden floor, These floors are made to order using modern materials and construction methods to meet the most demanding building specifications.
Available in wide boards and parquet, this range rich coloured flooring is specifically suited to historic buildings or warehouse conversions, but can equally serve as a statement floor in any modern setting.

The grain is enhanced by both surface planing and soft brushing, adding to the authenticity of these aged floors. Loved by designers and architectural specialists these create a striking look suitable for
both heritage and contemporary interiors. Available in two thicknesses of engineered boards in plank, herringbone or chevron.


Smokey Sessions
Smokey Ale
Smoked Porter
Silly Seasons
Ms Stout
Mr Barley
Loveley Lager
Brown Stout
Barrel Brown
Abbey Ale
Oaked White


Abbey Ale
Barrel Brown
Beautiful Blonde
Brown Stout
Lovely Lager
Mr Barley,
Ms Stout
Oaked White
Silly Seasons
Smoked Porter
Smokey Ale
Smokey Sessions
140mm x 1800 -3000mm
300mm plus On request
Rustic Mix
Rustic A
Rustic 1-Bis
16mm thickness: 12mm first class birch plywood with 4mm oak top layer.

21mm thickness: 15mm first class birch plywood with 6mm oak top layer.

Tongue and groove four sides, micro- bevel 4 sides


As wideplank above90 x 450mm
120 x 600mm
140 x 700mm
180 x 900mm
As wideplank aboveAs wideplank above


  • PRIME/SELECT - Grain is a variation of straight grain and medullary rays on boards which are flat sawn. Occasional healthy pin
    knots up to max 10mm. Colour fairly uniform. No cracks or sapwood allowed.
  • 1-BIS - Grain is straight with natural grain variation allowed. Flat Sawn. Healthy sound knots, (filled) allowed up to 25mm. • Black
    knots allowed up to 20mm

  • RUSTIC A - Natural wood colour differences with filled healthy knots up to a maximum of 35mm. No end cracks or
    sapwood allowed.

  • RUSTIC Natural wood colour differences with filled healthy knots up to a maximum of 45mm. No end cracks or
    sapwood allowed. 50% mix of each of both grades two grades (Natural/Rustic, Select/Natural, etc

For more detailed information on grading please see our document Grading Explained at


This unique collection is created using a combination of techniques which include reactive stains, bleach and coloured oils.
Each board is finished with three coats of a specially developed oxidative hybrid oil. For maintenance information see


All Van Speijck floors will benefit from installation by a skilled flooring specialist. We recommend installation using the full
stick-down method. Please see our guide for more detailed instructions on installation and subfloor preparation Our clients
expect nothing less than the high standards we demand from our installers. Learn more on our website at


We pride ourselves on working in close collaboration with timber mills which source raw materials from forests with genuinely
strong eco credentials and who only manufacture floorboards using ecological and sustainable production methods. The
majority of our timber collections are FSC ® certified or PEFC chain of custody standard. We believe that our partners’ on-
going investment and commitment to innovate will benefit us all and we are proud to be actively supporting their businesses.
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